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Hikvision is a renowned global supplier of video surveillance products and solutions. They offer a wide range of innovative and advanced products designed for various security applications. Here are some of the key Hikvision product categories:
IP Cameras: Hikvision provides a comprehensive lineup of IP cameras that capture high-quality video footage. These cameras offer features such as high-resolution imaging, wide dynamic range (WDR), low-light capability, and smart analytics. They come in different form factors, including dome cameras, bullet cameras, PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras, and fisheye cameras.
Network Video Recorders (NVRs): Hikvision NVRs are used for recording and managing IP camera footage. They support multiple channels and offer various storage options, including internal hard drives and network-attached storage (NAS). NVRs are equipped with advanced features like motion detection, event triggering, and remote access for easy video management.
Digital Video Recorders (DVRs): Hikvision DVRs are designed for analog camera systems. They provide video recording, playback, and remote access capabilities. DVRs come with different channel options to accommodate varying surveillance requirements.
Thermal Cameras: Hikvision offers thermal cameras that use infrared technology to capture images based on heat radiation. These cameras are effective in low-light conditions and can detect objects and individuals through fog, smoke, and dust. They are commonly used in applications such as perimeter security and temperature screening.
Video Management Software (VMS): Hikvision’s VMS solutions enable efficient video management, live monitoring, and playback of recorded footage. They provide a user-friendly interface and support features like video analytics, event management, and integration with other security systems.
Access Control Systems: Hikvision offers access control products, including card readers, controllers, and management software. These systems provide secure entry and exit management for buildings, allowing authorized personnel access while restricting unauthorized entry.
Intercom Systems: Hikvision intercom systems enable audio and video communication between different areas or rooms. They are commonly used in residential complexes, offices, and public spaces for visitor management and communication purposes.
Video Intercoms: Hikvision’s video intercoms combine intercom functionality with video surveillance. They allow users to remotely view and communicate with visitors at the door through a mobile app or dedicated monitors.
Mobile Surveillance Solutions: Hikvision offers mobile surveillance products designed for vehicles, such as buses, taxis, and law enforcement vehicles. These solutions include mobile DVRs, cameras, and wireless transmission systems to enable real-time monitoring and recording.
Hikvision’s product range is continuously expanding and evolving to meet the needs of various industries, including retail, transportation, banking, education, and government. They are known for their reliability, advanced features, and comprehensive security solutions.


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