School / Student Attendance Management Solutions with SMS Alert

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Parents get SMS automatically kid Enters or Exits the school

This is a Biometric (Finger/Thumb as well as RFID card) based Automatic Student Attendance System. Parents get an instant SMS Notification through Automatic SMS on their mobile phones as soon as their child enters / Exits the school. 

The School / College Authority can decide which way they prefer for the students to log in to the school; log in and out when with there fingerprint ID or  RFID Card that can be use as the student ID. Accordingly, children will be given instruction to mark their presence in front of Biometric Machine. The RFID cards can be used as Student ID-Card.

This information is transmitted to the server automatically and @ there the SMS is pushed to the parent mobile using the SMS Gateway. Even absent SMS can be sent after a particular time intimating parent. This complete process of sending Attendance SMS is automatic. There is no manual process required.

School time attendance systems in Kenya

In School Attendance management solutions with SMS Alert, Biometric time and attendance machines are used to capture the attendance of the child. This can be done using the RFID cards or the fingerprint of the child.

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