Ubiquiti UniFi 24-Port Switch (USW-24-PoE), (16) GbE PoE+ RJ45 ports, (8) GbE RJ45 ports, (2) 1G SFP ports, 95W total PoE availability

Ubiquiti UniFi 24-Port PoE Switch (USW-24-PoE)

The Switch 24 PoE (USW 24 PoE) is a fully managed switch with (24) GbE RJ45 ports, including (16) GbE, 802.3at PoE+ ports, and (2) 1G SFP ports. The versatile USW 24 PoE provides Gigabit PoE links to Ethernet devices while also supplying Gigabit fiber uplink options fit for an enterprise network. The switch also offers an extensive suite of Layer 2 switching protocols, including port-specific operation modes (switching, mirroring, or aggregate), and features a 1.3″ LCM color touchscreen that concisely displays key system and connection insights.

Additionally, with its 7.9″ depth, it’s easy to mount this compact, fanless switch in a SOHO rack cabinet. This switch can also be monitored or configured from anywhere with the powerful, intuitive UniFi Network web application and mobile app.


  • (1) 1.3″ LCM color touchscreen with AR switch management
  • (16) GbE, 802.3at PoE+ RJ45 ports
  • (8) GbE RJ45 ports
  • (2) 1G SFP ports
  • 95W total PoE supply
  • Fanless, silent cooling

Scalable UniFi Network Controller

Management Capabilities

The UniFi Network Controller can provision UniFi devices, map
out networks, and quickly manage system traffic. Important

network details are logically organized for a simplified, yet

powerful, interface.

Network Overview

From a single pane of glass, view network topology and
configuration, realtime statistics, and debugging metrics. Monitor

your network’s vitals and make onthefly adjustments as needed.

Deep Packet Inspection

Ubiquiti’s proprietary Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) engine includes

the latest application identification signatures to track which

applications (and IP addresses) are using the most bandwidth.

Detailed Analytics

The UniFi Network Controller provides configurable reporting
and analytics to manage large user populations and expedite

troubleshooting. Advanced search and sorting capabilities make

network management more efficient.

Multi-Site Management

A single controller running in the cloud can manage multiple
sites: multiple, distributed deployments and multi‑tenancy for

managed service providers. Each site is logically separated and

has its own configuration, maps, statistics, guest portal, and

administrator accounts.

Switch Configuration

You can access any managed UniFi Switch through the UniFi
Controller to configure a variety of features:

 Operation mode (switching, mirroring, or aggregate) per port
 Network/VLAN configuration
 Jumbo frame and flow control services
 Network settings
 Storm control setting per port
 Spanning tree configuration
 802.1X control and RADIUS VLAN
 Debug terminal option for commandline interface

Switch Port Status

You can also view status information for each port:
 Connection speed and duplex mode
 TX/RX data rates
 Network/VLAN settin

Software Features

The UniFi Network Controller software offers the following features:
 Centralized configuration management (including configuration

 AutoMDIX automatically adjusts as needed for straight through
or crossover cable

 802.1X (RADIUS) authentication and dynamic VLAN.


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