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Tripp Lite SMX1500XLRT2U 1500VA Intl UPS Smart Pro Rack/Tower Line-Interactive 230V 8 outlets

1.5kVA/1.35kW/230V Battery Backup for PC Networks, Security Systems, or Digital Signage
This SmartPro® line-interactive UPS system with AVR protection provides reliable battery backup and AC power protection against blackouts, brownouts, overvoltages, surges, and line noise that can damage valuable electronics or destroy data. The 230V battery backup is the ideal protection for small networks, wiring closets, security systems, telecom, high-end PC gaming, digital signage equipment, and other professional applications, including retail, casino, and hotel/motel management.

Reliable, Expandable Battery Backup Keeps You Operational Through Power Outages
The field-replaceable, hot-swappable internal battery provides 13.6 minutes of support at half load (675W) and 4.9 minutes at full load (1350W), allowing you to work through short power failures and giving you enough time to safely save files and shut down your system in case of a prolonged blackout. For mission-critical applications demanding scalable extended runtime, the UPS supports external battery packs, such as Tripp Lite’s BP36V15-2U (sold separately).

Optional LX Platform Network Management Card Allows 24/7 Remote Access 
The optional WEBCARDLX (sold separately) with the latest version of PowerAlert Device Manager firmware (PADM20) provides enhanced remote management capabilities, including customizable dashboard graphs to fit user preferences. The PADM20 upgrade and Tripp Lite’s PowerAlert Element Manager (PAEM) software form a powerful tool for expanding maintenance functions in large installations, including firmware update checks and backup and restoration of device configurations. Auto Probe allows a UPS with switched loads to automatically reboot devices if a network communication failure is detected.

8 Outlets Protect Your Connected Components
Eight C13 outlets provide battery backup, 350 joules of surge protection, and voltage regulation for your crucial components. Two independently switched two-outlet load banks enable both scheduled and real-time remote rebooting and load shedding.

C14 Power Input Accepts a Wide Range of Cordsets
The C14 input connection accepts a variety of detachable cord sets to match country- or site-specific wall outlets. Two C13-to-C14 and one C13-to-Australian power cable are included.

Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) Corrects Low- and High-Voltage Conditions
AVR protects your equipment from incremental hardware damage, data loss, and performance problems caused by brownouts and overvoltages. The SMX1500XLRT2U can correct brownouts as low as 158V and overvoltages as high as 278V back to nominal 230V power continuously, all while keeping the battery fully charged and ready to take over in case of power failure.

Premium Protection from EMI/RFI Line Noise Helps Your Equipment Perform Better
This UPS system filters out disruptive electromagnetic and radio frequency interference that can inflict hardware damage or data loss. This EMI/RFI filtering also helps your connected components perform better and last longer.

Designed for High Efficiency to Help You Save Money and Protect the Environment
A 97% efficiency rating reduces BTU emissions, energy consumption, and, ultimately, your energy costs.

Silenceable Alarm and Easy-to-Read LCD Keep You Informed Around the Clock
The front-panel LCD lets you monitor important data, such as load level, power factor, voltage, battery charge, and estimated runtimes. It rotates for comfortable viewing in both rack and tower configurations. The audible alarm sounds for power failure, low battery, and overload. You may silence it using the built-in switch or disable it.

Advanced Communications Ports Allow for Automatic Saves and Shutdowns
RS-232 and HID-compliant USB ports connect to a computer running Tripp Lite’s free downloadable PowerAlert® software to enable safe unattended system shutdown in case of a prolonged power failure. The EPO port supports emergency shutdowns in large facilities. Cables are included.

Versatile Installation Options
Hardware is included for mounting the Tripp Lite SmartPro UPS system in 2U of space in an EIA-standard 19-inch 4-post rack. Using optional mounting accessories (sold separately), you can adapt the SMX1500XLRT2U for 2-post (2POSTRMKITWM), front-rail (UPSHDEARKIT), 4-post short-depth (4POSTRAILKITWM), tower (2-9USTAND) or wall mounting (2POSTRMKITWM).

Key Features

  • Protects equipment against blackouts, brownouts, transient surges, and line noise
  • Keeps AC power running during outages to allow time for file saves and safe shutdown
  • Maintains line power operation with an input voltage as low as 158V and as high as 278V
  • Add optional WEBCARDLX with the latest version of PADM20 for the IP-based Auto Probe feature
  • Multifunction LCD screen provides valuable voltage, load, battery, and fault statuses
  • 2-year limited warranty


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