Panatron PXT 632 PABX 6 Lines Expandable 32 Extension

Panatron PXT 632 PABX is designed with excellent specifications to meet the needs of the user.

Panatron PXT 632 PABX Capability 6 Line 32 Extension


.  Direct Inward System Access – 180s in four paragraph

.  Auto attendant with both preloaded OGM and self-recording outgoing messages

.  Outgoing messages can be stored on the telephone or downloaded to the PC

.   Caller ID (external, intercom, transfer Calling Line Identification)

.   Incoming calls can be forwarded to mobile phones automatically

.   Operator/auto-attendant work mode

.   Memory dialing

.  Call forward

.  Call pickup

.   Call barge in

.   Call restriction

.   Extension number flexible coding

.   Extension number query

.   Outgoing call transfer

.   Multiple dial-out mode

.   Internal hotline

.   Don’t disturb option (DND)

.  Three party conferencing

.   Least cost routing (LCR)

.  CO Line group/ Extension group

.  Extension dynamic lock

.  Group call

.   Backup battery option

.    Door phone & door opener.


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