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Magnizon 800VA MU800VS Line Interactive UPS

Magnizon MU800VS Series is a sleek line interactive UPS with the most advanced DSP control technology with built-in boost & buck AVR technology
which can protect the sensitive device from utility fails, over /under voltage, surges, transients, spikes, and other electrical abnormalities. With
automatic boost voltage regulation and a wide input voltage range, VS series UPS is an excellent choice to be applied to all kinds of complex power
environments. With elegant color LCD display shows plenty of information, alarms, error codes, battery charge status, load status, etc.

Key Features:

 Magnizon MU800VS 800VA/480W smart line interactive UPS with AVR technology
 Advanced DSP control system with large color LCD display
 Wide input voltage range(130~290VAC) can adapt to different power grid environments
 DC start (cold start) function
 USB-based power monitoring software
 Fused inlet power cable with plug
 Equipped with Boost and Buck AVR to stabilize input voltage.
 Wide input voltage range, AVR function.
 Built-in DC start function enables UPS to start up without an AC power supply.
 Line Surge Protection
 Overload/Overcharge/ Short-circuit/Low battery automatic alarm protection.
 Auto restart while AC recovery.


 Small office and home office (SOHO) applications
 Photocopiers/EPBAX/FAX/SCANNER
 Music players & smart TV applications
 Desktops, servers & storage applications
 Game stations and smart toys


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