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KINGSONS 9.7″Tablet Smart Shoulder Bag – (Dark grey) descriptions

Multi-Compartment and  ease of  luggage organization.

KINGSONS 9 inches Tablet Smart Shoulder Bag Dark greyhas a zippered, front and back compartment, This prevents a jumbled mess and keeps more fragile items out of crush zones. Plus it allows you to quickly and easily reach and store items throughout the day, while also allowing you to keep items separate if desired (for instance storing drinks or lunch away from a laptop or papers).

Carrying comfort

If you’re often on the go, it’s important that you can easily carry your laptop with you. It could be useful to have a bag that has a handle or shoulder strap. That way, you can take your laptop with you comfortably and you won’t drop it as fast.

Protection and durability.

Not to mention the general wear and tear from simply using it day in and day out, potentially for years on end and sometimes with heavy loads. So KINGSONS 9 inches Tablet Smart Shoulder Bag Dark grey has been built accordingly, with quality composite materials that will stand up to regular use and help protect your gear or laptop in the process.

KINGSONS 9.7″Tablet Smart Shoulder Bag – (Dark grey) specifications

Model Number KS3188W-DG
Size 9.7″
Type Shoulder Bag
Colour Dark Grey
SKU 0000890


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