IC S50 – Mifare 1 Non-contacting IC Card

  • MIFARE 13.56 MHz Technology
  • Transmission Range: 4″
  • Meets ISO/IEC 14443A Standard
  • Transmission Speed of 106 kb/s
UPC 363101635
Model Number IC S50
SKU 3049030


pack of 25 MIFARE 1 Contactless IC Card from Hikvision transmit at 13.56 MHz. The smart card complies with ISO/IEC 14443A and supports CRYPTO1 data stream domain authentication encryption. Its data can be read at speeds of 106 kb/s and works up to 4″ away from the reader.

Non-contacting data transmission
Data Integrity Protection: 16-bit CRC, odd-even check, encoding, and counting by bit
User definable reading/writing condition for memory block
•Triple accreditation (ISO/IEC DIS9798-2)
•Attack protective radio-frequency channel data encryption
•Two security keys (support multiple security levels) for each section
•Only one serial number for one card
•Transmission security key to protect access rights of EEPROM during transmission


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