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HP Battery – Hp Pavilion 11-n X360 Series

Technical Specifications

Brand Maxelon
Net Quantity 1 count
Reusability Rechargeable

About this item

  • Compatible Models: HP Pavilion X360 11-N Series 11-n001TU 11-n001XX 11-n001ng 11-n002TU11-n003TU 11-n004TU 11-n005TU 11-n006TU 11-n007TU 11-n008TU 11-n009TU 11-n010DX 11-n010TU 11-n010la 11-n011DX 11-n011TU 11-n011la 11-n012DX 11-n012TU 11-n013TU 11-n014TU 11-n015TU 11-n015la 11-n016TU 11-n017TU 11-n018TU 11-n019TU 11-n020TU 11-n021TU 11-n013TU 11-n014TU 11-n015TU 11-n015la 11-n016TU 11-n017TU 11-n018TU.
  • Compatible for HP Pavilion X360 11-N Series: 751681-231 HSTNN-DB6B 11-n019TU 11-n020TU 11-n021TU 11-n021br 11-n022TU 11-n022br 11-n023TU 11-n024TU 11-n025TU 11-n025br 11-n026TU 11-n026br 11-n027TU 11-n028TU 11-n029TU 11-n030CA 11-n030TU 11-n030ar 11-n031TU 11-n032TU 11-n033TU 11-n034TU 11-n035TU 11-n036TU 11T-n000.
  • 100% New from Manufacturer. Up to 500 recharge cycles over the life of the battery. Every battery has passed factory testing; Grade A cells ensure fast charges and low power consumption.


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