HONEYWELL EDA50K-HB-R descriptions

Honeywell Single Charging Dock – ScanPal EDA50K – Provides charging only

Can be powered with the USB charger included with each terminal or requires USB Power Adapter (50130570-001) and USB Cable (CBL-500-120-S00-03) both sold separately

Additional items required for EDA50K-HB-R

  • 50130570-001 – USB power adaptor – US, UK, EU, & AU
  • CBL-500-120-S00-03 – Connection cable, USB


Technical information Honeywell EDA50K-HB-R
Manufacturer / Brand Honeywell
Colour Black
Warranty 12 months
Compatible Models Honeywell Scanpal EDA50K
Terminal series Honeywell ScanPal EDA50K


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