Honeywell 1300G-2USB-N Barcode Scanner descriptions

The Honeywell Hyperion 1300g Linear-Imaging Scanner delivers outstanding imaging performance and versatility. Fast intuitive barcode reading out to 18 inches (457 mm), and high density barcode reading are both enabled in a single device with the Hyperion 1300g, eliminating the need to purchase specialty scanners.

With no moving parts to wear out, the Hyperion 1300g from Honeywell is one of the toughest general duty scanners on the market. Designed to keep your operation running smoothly, the Hyperion 1300g is durable enough to hammer nails.

Honeywell 1300G-2USB-N Barcode Scanner specs

Brand Honeywell
Model Hyperion 1300g
Form Factor Handheld
Color Black
Connectivity Corded
Included Cables USB
Connection USB, RS-232 Serial, AT/PS2 Keyboard Wedge
Scanner Capability 1D
Scanner Type Imager
Scan Pattern Linear
Communication Type Tethered
Communication Range Tethered
Ruggedness General Purpose


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