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DS-KZX-1 – Access Control Demo Case For Project descriptions

  • Access Control Demo Case for Project
  • DS-K2602×1, DS-K1108MK×1, DS-K1201MF×1, DS-K1107MK×1, DS-K1107M×1
  • DS-K1T201MF-C×1, DS-K1T501SF×1, DS-K2M060×1, DS-K1102MK×1
  • IC S50×3
  • DS-KZX-1 – Access Control Demo Case For Project specifications

  • General
  • Accessories

    DS-K1T200EF MF-C IP-based Fingerprint Access Control Terminal

    DS-K1T500 Video Access Control Terminal

    DS-K2M060 Series Secure Door Control Unit

    DS-K1102M(K) Card Reader

    DS-K1107 Series Card Reader

    DS-K1108 Series Card Reader

    DS-K1200 Series Fingerprint Card Reader

    IC S50 Mifare 1 Non-contacting IC Card


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