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Bixolon 110mmx 74M Wax Ribbon descriptions

BIXOLON ROLL 110MMX 74MM WAX RIBBBON is a general purpose ribbon at a competitive price, but still giving unrivalled excellence for high speed printing on various grades of paper. The print quality is exceptional as is its resistance to smudging.

Most commonly used when printing onto Uncoated and Coated Paper / Tag stock. BIXOLON ROLL 110MMX 74MM WAX RIBBBON is a general purpose ribbon used for label printing where volume requires a competitive ribbon. Excellent print quality on picket barcodes and text.

BIXOLON ROLL 110MMX 74MM WAX RIBBBON for maximum durability when printing onto paper stock especially with a matt finish.

Bixolon 110mmx 74M Wax Ribbon specs

Colour Black
Width (mm) 110
Length (M) 74
Core Size 1/2″
Wound Outside
Print Head Flat-Head
Rolls Per Box 25


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