At Treline Networks we take your business and home security seriously. We offer free CCTV Installation consultations, Free site Visits, and Surveys.

We are A CCTV Security Company based in Nairobi. We offer quality CCTV installation services across Kenya. We also offer Security Solutions such as Alarms Systems, Electric Fencing, and Spy Cameras that complement CCTV Surveillance to provide a unified Security Systems


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Free Consultation/ Site Visits- Understand what you would like to gain or accomplish for your home or business.

Design & Draft a system design within your budget.

Installation - Bring your ideal audio & video integrated systems to reality.

Implementation-Provide you with all the tools and information you need for maximum ease-of-use.

Support- Every step of the way, providing great customer service and support

You can monitor your home/ Office/ Business online from anywhere in the world

We specialize in Security Cameras that offer you the ability and flexibility to monitor your home or business from anywhere in the world using smartphones and mobile apps

We support and provide free Client software & Mobile Apps for Apple, Windows and Android platforms.

Highly skilled CCTV Professionals that offer highest quality services and clean installation

We have invested a skilled staff that offer Exceptional CCTV Installation, We work with the best CCTV Brands

 How security systems are helpful?

The presence of clearly visible CCTV security cameras can restraint any criminal or theft attempts.  When criminals realize knowing that any attempts to be likely to be captured can reduce the rate of these unlawful incidents.

Deter crime: The presence of cameras will make the would-be criminals to think of the action twice.

Deter employee theft: CCTV camera is a fine way to analyze and assess the employee activities in a healthy way. It is a good tool to ensure that no thefts are happening within the business or office or shops.

Good piece of evidence: in the event of any crime activities or in other dubious situations, the piece of footage can be used as the evidence. This way one you can present the real culprits before the law.

Guard your dearest ones and important assets: CCTV security at homes can be a good utility to ensure that your important ones are safe within the home.

With CCTV Surveillance for your home one can monitor the activities live at the comfort of their own through smartphones and tablets from any part of the world.

From pre-planned crimes to increasing burglaries, the count of illegal happenings is increasing widely across the major cities of the world.

One of the best ways to come across is to accept the proper surveillance mechanisms at homes, public spaces and business organizations.

Integrating alarm systems with CCTV Systems

Alarm systems are a part of security systems that help protect your premises from intruders. We offer CCTV Systems that can be integrated with alarms solutions that exist on the premise, Alternatively, we offer unified CCTV Systems with motion detection Features, CCTV Surveillance, and Alarm system.

Analog CCTV Systems

Analog CCTV systems typically involve use of Coaxial Cables and Fixed cameras as a communications link between cameras and monitors. Most analog systems only capture video

Analog Cameras are connected back to the DVR for recording and storage of CCTV Footage

A good DVR should have a network connectivity port and adapter that enable the device to live stream the video over the.

Online /Remote Monitoring of Analog CCTV Cameras

An Ethernet Port for RJ45 Internet Connectivity enables live streaming can be viewed on a remote computer or via a mobile app such as CCTV Camera Pros Mobile, IVMS 4200 Mobile Client

IP CCTV Cameras

IP Camera is a digital camera designed for surveillance, and which can be viewed via the Internet. IP cameras are connected to your wireless network or Ethernet. The video stream will be recorded on a centralized NVR. You can monitor multiple cameras at different locations from a PC or Mobile Device via the Internet.